What do your color choices say about HUE?

(Originally published in the August 2011 edition of The Westchase WOW)

There’s no faster or better way to make a huge difference in a room than to change it’s color.  In terms of cost, color brings the biggest bang for your buck, so to speak. Yet color selection is the one facet of decorating that most people are afraid of. They tend to create safe, relatively colorless rooms in order to avoid making a mistake. As a decorator, I try to encourage people to be a little braver with color and to use it to make a personality statement.

Here’s a look at the story different colors will tell.

Red creates passion and drama in a room. Many restaurants use red because of the studies showing it stimulates the appetite. A person that uses red is perceived to be self-confident.

Black signifies mystery, drama and formality. It is said that every room should have a touch of black. It helps to “ground” the space.

Yellow conveys warmth and energy. Although this color is frequently used in nurseries, studies have shown it actually agitates babies. It can be used, but careful attention should be paid to tone and value.

Blue is relaxing and cooling. Many institutions tend to use this for a wall color.

Green is very on trend at the moment and creates balance and calming. Every room needs some green and it can be added simply by using a potted silk or live plant.

Purple is a sign of royalty and wealth. Deep purple paired with warm gold is a striking color combination.

When choosing specific colors for a space, it’s important to note the undertone.  Blue can run the gamut from ice white blue to cool blue green or warm blue violet. If your overall color is a cooler tone, all other colors should have cool undertones as well. The same holds true for warm tones. This creates the most harmonious blending of colors.

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