Bar Harbor Beauty

The last time I painted, the entire project left me completely frustrated. I was part of a class that concentrated on realistic painting. Technically, I pushed myself very hard and I learned a lot. But I found that the more I pushed myself to learn technique, the tighter I became… not only with my brushwork but in my mind as well. Eventually, I lost my total creative spark. I managed to finish the painting, but after 8 years of painting on a weekly basis, I put my brushes away and thought I was done for good.

After that, I re-directed my passions and put my energy into decorating, creating items for my home and helping my clients with either their business graphics or home decorating needs. Unless it was to shoot “before and after”  photos, I even put my camera away. I was tired of looking at the world through my “artsy” eye.

And then we went to Maine. And I started to think about inspiration. And I started looking at things and playing with my images on the computer. And I started having fun. And so last week, I dug around in the garage and found all my watercolors. I’m working on a painting of the flower I have pictured here.

It’s strange to me how you can not do something for so long and then when you come back to it, you’re not only just as good as it when you left off but maybe even better. I started painting 3 or 4 days ago and I’m really plugging along. As I’m painting, I can hear all my teachers from the past whispering how to create the brushstrokes I need. It’s all crystal clear. Things I used to struggle with are no longer issues. I haven’t painted in 2 years and I’m coming back to it like I’m a pro. I’ve always believed in the power of an incubation period… but this is just kind of crazy!

I’m hoping this spark stays awhile. It would be nice if the final painting makes me as happy as my time spent creating it has!

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