Using the Sherwin Williams Color Tool to Visualize Color

There’s a handy tool on the Sherwin Williams website that I love to refer my clients to. ( It’s a color visualizer that allows you to see how a color is going to look before you commit to painting. While it’s not perfect, in just a few minutes, you can get a pretty good idea of how something will look.

Remember my yellow house? The photo on the left is what it looks like now and the photo on the right has been “colorized” on the Sherwin Williams site with my new color choice, Ramie.

Don’t you love it? I just can’t wait for the painter to get here!

The visualizer is fairly simple to use. You just upload the photo of your room, or in this case, house, and start playing. There’s simple selection tools to mask off where you want to paint. And if you’ve done your homework on the color wheel and color deck, you can just input the color number and it will automatically “paint” where you want it to.

I have to warn you that it’s not perfect. The colors on computer monitors vary from computer to computer and they almost never match the paint swatch you have in your hand. But it does give you a great general idea. And getting a closer color match is fairly simple. Once I entered my color, I tweaked it to get a closer approximation. In this instance, I had to click the “darker” option until it matched my swatch more closely.

I don’t always use this step, because I’m pretty certain of my color harmonies just by using the color wheel. But for a job as big as the exterior of my home, using the Sherwin Williams color visualizer gives me just a little more peace of mind.

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