Mirror Mate Frames: The Fastest Way to Improve the Appearance of Your Bathroom

I just finished a job this week that I want to share. Mirror Mates is a product that I LOVE and wish the whole world knew about it. Go ahead. Tell someone else. Get one for yourself. This is the easiest way to dress up your bathroom that I know of.

See this. It’s the before…

And this… is the after:

Did you catch that?









Mirror Mates is a company that I love to work with. Basically, you measure your bathroom mirror, send the measurements to Mirror Mates, and they custom cut a frame for you. They have an unbelievable selection and I’ve installed lots of them. They are a breeze to assemble and install. You do not have to take your existing mirror off of the wall. Assembly takes just minutes. Installation is fool-proof. I have yet to have a frame that didn’t instantly upgrade the appearance of a bathroom.

Here’s another mirror before I installed a Mirror Mate frame:

And here it is after:

Isn’t that so pretty? Dramatic difference, don’t you agree?

The link to Mirror Mates is www.mirrormate.com. Once there, you can see the wide variety of frame styles. If you are in the Tampa and/or Sarasota areas, I have real samples I’m happy to show you. And everyone, I can save you some $ when you order directly from me.

I have had these frames in my own home for the past 8 years. They look just as nice today as they did when they were first installed. And for the record, Mirror Mates is not paying me to give them this endorsement. I am so happy to spread the word… it was such a fun find for me and I’m happy to share it with others!


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One Response to Mirror Mate Frames: The Fastest Way to Improve the Appearance of Your Bathroom

  1. I love Mirror Mates! They install easily and update a bathroom in a snap (literally!). I like their frame selections, too.

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