Home Office Color Transformation

Finally… my “color of the year” office is complete!

In January, I had the bright idea to tailor my office to Pantone‘s Color of the Year. Originally, I thought I would paint all the walls a neutral color and reserve one wall as an accent wall. My thinking was that each year, I could just repaint the accent wall with the color of the year. The 2011 Color of the Year is Honeysuckle:

HoneysuckleWell, you know what they say about “the best laid plans.” Last year, in 2010, the color of the year was turquoise. I love turquoise… have always loved it. So much so, that my office was already painted that color. Here is the before:

Work Area BeforeFive years ago I loved this. But since then, my head has been flooded with information and inspiration. And, there comes a time when you just have to paint. That’s when I came up with my “color of the year” idea. Problem is, I’m just not crazy nuts about Honeysuckle. I had to think about this a little more.

One of my first thoughts was that if I’m going to go with such a bold color, I need to keep things monochromatic. No matter what color I painted the other 3 walls, there was going to be a sharp contrast with the accent wall, creating far too much energy for this space. Plus, when I really started thinking about working in a room with a giant pink wall…. well, I just wasn’t feeling it.

But then I found my raspberry pink velvet chair. (Boy do I love Home Goods!) And the decorating fun began. The chair is a bold red-violet…it’s kind of pinky, honeysuckle-ish, right? In my eyes, a little more edgy than Honeysuckle…and I like it. What’s really great is that the color is the exact compliment to my yellow-green living room walls. (I’ve always hated that when I look into my office from the living room, it didn’t quite go.)

For the wall colors, I had already eliminated the thought of an accent wall because there would be too much of a contrast. I wanted to create a calm environment and infuse it with that SW Imaginebold raspberry of my chair. I went to my Sherwin Williams color deck and found a red-violet with a lot of gray in it. The best part is it’s name: Imagine. Don’t you love it?

All of these decisions were made about 6 months ago. Let me tell you, I’m happy to be so busy… but where oh where does the time go?

Here’s some more before and afters:

Shelf Wall

Shelf Wall Before

Shelf Wall After

Shelf Wall After

I love this new look. The new color on the walls really make my watercolors pop. Also, by painting the ceiling the exact color of the walls, the room is so much more inviting.

Bed Wall Before

Bed Wall Before

Bed Wall After

Bed Wall After

My office also doubles as a guest room. When I first bought the trundle, I kind of liked the unframed look. Looking back, it just looks unfinished! I purchased a frame for the bed online and got the linens from Home Goods. The window treatment was easy-peasy… I bought the fabric and fashioned it together…just don’t look too closely! And adding a larger, darker rug further warmed up the room.

Entrance Before

Entrance Before

Entrance After

Entrance After

One thing I always liked was my Mirror Mate framed white board by my computer. It looks even better against these purpley-silver walls. And I finally got rid of that old desk! Love the new one. I got it online at Wal-Mart. (And in case you’re worried… I did not get rid of the dog! She just wasn’t in the after picture.)

Here’s a few detail shots:

Silhouette Word Art

I finally used my new Silhouette die-cutter! I'm happy to report that it worked as advertised. I just typed the quote into the Silhouette program on my computer in the font that I liked. It was easy to load the vinyl transfer paper into the machine and it cut perfectly. And putting it up on the wall was a breeze with my laser level and my husband/helper.

No Sew Pillow

This is my no sew pillow roll. Very easy to make. I picked up the pillow form at Joanns. Then I just rolled my black fabric around it and strategically tucked it into the form. I had the raspberry ribbon on hand and I loved the feather for the center. It's really a headband accessory I also found at Joanns. I just safety-pinned it to my pillow.

This grouping is centered around a piece of artwork I love that was given to me by my father. The vintage white bottle came from Home Goods and the fleur de lis is the surviving member of an old pair of bookends.

These are 2 lucky finds. The lamp came from Pier One. I was actually shopping for a client when I came across it. It has a small chip in the base, which gave me 15% off. The table is actually 2 small tables placed together. I just needed a long skinny table next to the bed and these fit the bill. I love the zebra pattern.

These are old arrangements I have carried with me from 3 different houses. I just love the purple of the flowers and ribbons with the vibrant green grass. I was so happy to find a space for them in my office.

Inspiration Journals

I picked up these journals somewhere along the way in my travels. I like using books to elevate items in small groupings. These books were the perfect color and match. So happy to have them off the bookshelf and on display.

Now that my office is complete, I spend so much more time in it! I’m surrounded by the things that I love and I feel so very fortunate to work here!

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2 Responses to Home Office Color Transformation

  1. Julie Gentry says:

    Wow that color really makes the room look bigger! I would have never thought to paint the ceiling the same color. I noticed you have a pink filing cabinet. Did you paint it? I have 3 metal filing cabinets, 3 different colors, and eventually want to make them all the same. Do you recommend anything? btw – saw my Bella modeling in the “Entrance Before” picture!!!

    • Hey Julie… I bought the filing cabinet at Staples this summer. I haven’t done this before, but if I were going to paint metal filing cabinets, I would spray them with a Rustoleum product. And lol about little Bella… she’s my little office mate!

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