Halloween Table Decorations

As promised, here’s what my kitchen tablescape looks like.

I started out with a spiderweb table runner that I bought on sale at the end of the season last year. Then, I had two extra ceramic jack-o-lanterns that I usually use on my front porch. I’ve got something different planned for there this year, so these babies came inside.

Next, I used an old cracked mosaic candle holder as the base for one of the jack-o-lanterns and balanced the color by putting another orange candle holder on the opposite end of the scene.

My candles in the center usually sit on my dining room table. When I did my “pumpkin-scape,” I had these left over. I got out my Silhouette cutter and downloaded a few shapes to use as wrappers. Then I just loaded it with black cardstock, cut the patterns, wrapped the candles and bedazzled them.

I wanted the arrangement to have a bit more height, so I got out a glass vase and stuck in some black silk roses and some sparkly orange twigs. This leads your eye up…right to this:

My scary spiders! Okay, not really scary, but I think they’re awfully fun.

I carried the theme from my kitchen table onto my kitchen island. Here’s what I did there:

These three elements are always on my counter… I just change them up for the season. The spiderweb is cut from black transfer vinyl on the Silhouette. The spiders in the cloche are held in place by sticky dots. To be honest, they’re not holding up as well as I like, so my spiders are ending up all over the place. Kind of like real spiders, without giving me the hebie jeebies.

I’ve got a few more things I’ll probably put out next week. For now, happy decorating!

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