Home Exterior Color Reveal

If you were holding your breath to see if the Sherwin Williams color visualizer was accurate in helping me to select “Ramie” as my exterior paint color, I am sorry. But I am also VERY impressed. Two and a half months is an awful long time to go without breathing!

Okay, so maybe it is with baited breath that you were waiting. Again, I apologize. I’ve been wanting everything to be perfect…. right down to new flowers in the flower beds. I finally shot some photos this morning, and guess what? You can’t even see the flowers!

So anyways… remember my yellow house before? Here it is:

Back in August, I wrote a post about how I was using the Sherwin Williams color tool to finalize my color choice. If you’re interested in that post, click here. Here’s the photo I created to visualize “Ramie” on my house before it was actually painted:

And now, without further ado…. here’s my house… complete with a pressure washed roof, new flowers and beautiful paint:

Home Exterior with Ramie

I just love it!! Our house looks brand new again. And I think the Sherwin Williams color tool did a pretty accurate job, don’t you? For those in the Tampa area, here’s a shout out to Lou Phillips Painting. His painters were experienced, dependable and very conscientious. Contact me for Louie’s information… they are the best!

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6 Responses to Home Exterior Color Reveal

  1. mariazc says:

    It’s beautiful, Cynthia! I like it on the outside just as much and I like it on a ‘man cave’ inside!

  2. Kim Campbell says:

    I think it looks great Cynthia! I loved it the minute they painted it. The color is looks really good with your roof, & I like your door & trim color w/ it. What are they called & did you use the same method to choose those colors?

    • Thanks, Kim. The roof is just a red-orange barrel tile… not sure what the name of the color is. But the green of the house is a complement to the red in the roof and the red on the door. The door is Fireweed. I have a list of door colors that span the rainbow and are great front door colors. They really deliver just a little extra pop. I almost considered a black door for a change, but I’ve always loved red. I chose Fireweed from my list.

  3. Kristel says:

    Your house looks gorgeous! I am from Fl, but currently live in TX, and boy, do I miss the style of houses back home. The color looks great, and so does the roof, and yes, it does look like a brand new home.

    • Thank you, Kristel. I checked out your blog, too… it’s great! I love your sense of style. Thank you for commenting. I’m kind of new to blogging and it’s fun to see who is reading and what they are thinking. I really appreciate that you took the time to reach out. Where in Florida did you live?

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