Am I Really Supposed to Park in Here?

It’s time to clean the garage again. Ugh!

Cleaning out my garage is not my favorite chore. In fact… it’s probably one of my worst. It’s not the cleaning I mind so much, it’s the guilt associated with having let it get this out of control in the first place. You see, my mother (Hi Ma!) is the MOST ORGANIZED WOMAN IN THE WORLD. It’s something I love about her. Space planning and organization are her specialties. Unfortunately, it was not passed down in her DNA.

Every blue moon I get the urge to make sense of the mess. And then it usually takes another blue moon to get me to actually take action. I’m thinking about it now, which is a good thing. Maybe by April it will be clean again!

Until then, I thought I’d share my before and after pics from the last time I felt the urge to purge.We have a 3 bay garage with only 2 bays actually used for cars. In Florida, storage space is limited, so the area behind the shelving on the right is actually the third bay with lots of junk stored behind it. I’m easing you into this… behind that wall of shelves is not pretty!

In the next shot, I’m bringing you into the far right corner. It’s where I had all kinds of crap. I’ve had lots of hobbies through the years, and they all seem to meet in my garage. It starts with my favorite hobby, eating, with the fridge to the left. The yellow shelves are from my daughter’s nursery. My dad made them for her when she was a baby. She’s now 16. The shelves had been against this wall for ages. They are perfectly repurposed here and are great for separating and organizing…if you happen to be into that kind of thing!

Moving into the corner you can see studio lights for photography, a kiln for ceramics, and lots of plastic bins that hold the supplies for both interests. Thrown among all of it is our recycling, a bag of clothes for goodwill, picnic and party supplies, sports equipment, art supplies, etc. And don’t you love the red flower poking out from the back? Pretties the whole space up, don’t you think?

This next shot is a closer look at that mess. Is it any wonder I didn’t like to go out there?

Next is a shot directly behind the wall of shelves. Looking back, I’m pretty impressed that I at least had the bikes towards the door. They were about the only things I could easily access in there!

So, after looking at this for several months and watching it get progressively worse, I decided to take action. I was beginning to accumulate tools and samples for my decorating business and thought I might like a bigger workspace. The only place to do this was in the garage.

Here’s the end result:

The biggest transformations I made were to the shelving. I painted everything black. The yellow shelves from my daughter’s nursery are now standing vertically in the corner. I moved the old dresser that was dividing the space up against the wall and added a tool organizer above it. Of course, this project could have taken even less time if I hadn’t stopped to paint the flowers on the dresser… but I like it and that’s all that matters! The kiln is still there (anyone want to buy it?) and now all the accessories are stored in the flower dresser. One day I hope to have the floors painted. Looking at these photographs makes me want it done NOW!

And finally, ta da! Behind the shelf wall was totally cleared out. But whoops! Wait! I didn’t take a picture of it. And I’d show you a picture of it from right now today, if I were only my mother’s daughter. But, alas, I’m not and you know, it’s been awhile since blue moons! Maybe next time?

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One Response to Am I Really Supposed to Park in Here?

  1. Geri says:

    You are too cute my daughter. Put this on your list. Mumma

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