Christmas Quickie – The Front Door

Okay, so my title may be a little off-color. Sorry to offend. But it does describe my next series of blogs. Rather than do one long blog of all my holiday decorating, I’m going to break it down into smaller pieces. Today I’ll start with my front door.

Not a lot had to change here, since we just painted the house and bought the chairs this fall. One of the things I just love about the color scheme of my house is that it’s perfectly suited for Christmas. I swear, I did not plan it this way… but I’m so happy because the red and gold make it easy to figure out my decorations. I bought the wreaths on sale a few years ago. And the small tree to the right came from last year. I had nothing on it before… this year it took me all of five minutes to dress it up with some bulb garland from Target. It  lights up, too. I’ll show you that on my future “Quickie at Nighttime” post. Or maybe it will be my “Quickie with the Lights On.” 😉

My favorite new item on the porch is the Christmas tree in the planter on the left. Here it is close up:

And closer still:

I admit, it was more than I like to spend, but I couldn’t resist. I had the pot it sits in… I had a pumpkin sitting in it last month. For this arrangement, I purchased a pinecone wreath from Target and laid it flat across the planter. I got lucky that the diameters of the pot and the wreath matched exactly. The tree is also from Target. The flowers are made from red dyed wood shavings. I know it will probably fade, but I can always spray paint it in the years to come. The tree was on sale, but the wreath wasn’t. I probably could have made both… but these were so gorgeous I knew I’d fuss and fret and would not be happy with my own creation. Sometimes it pays to just get what you like!

Hope you enjoyed this “quickie.” I’ll bring you inside with my next post.

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8 Responses to Christmas Quickie – The Front Door

  1. Beautiful and very welcoming!! I’ve always wanted a red door! I’m so in love with yours!! I would love for you to come link up over at

  2. Kelly says:

    This is stunning! I would love for you to share at my link party. It ends tonight at midnight but I have one every week.

  3. Seeking Proverbs 31 says:

    Would you mind telling me the brand and color of your front doors? They are a beautiful rich red. Also, what color is your roof? We are looking to purchase a new front door . We have tan stucco and a red tiled roof. I am having the hardest time deciding whether to go with a wood grain or paint color. I have never had a red tiled roof before and I think that is what is throwing me! Thanks.

  4. Your house sounds a lot like mine! When we purchased our home, the front door was stained so that it revealed the wood grain. Unfortunately, our front door comes under the harsh light of the afternoon Florida sun. It faded and peeled quickly!! We decided 8 years ago to switch to paint and haven’t regretted it. The paint has stood up to the sun for many years longer than the stain did.

    That being said, the color of my front door is Sherwin Williams Fireweed. You’re right, it’s very rich. The reason it works so well on my house is because my overall house color is a tan that has a hint of green in it. Red and Green are the perfect compliments. But, because my roof is orange barrel tile, I wanted a red that had an orange undertone. Fireweed fits that bill. Is your roof really a pure red? Or is it more orange, like mine? If it seems more red, you could go with Sherwin Williams Red Bay. I hope this makes sense!

    To see my whole house, go to this blog post:

    Let me know what you decide!

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