Christmas Quikie #3: The Kitchen Table

For everyone who liked the simplicity of my dining room table, you’re going to love my kitchen table. It’s located at the back of my house and you can see it from my kitchen, family room and pool area. The back of my house is where we spend the majority of our time, and it’s much more casual than the front of the house. I love it this way… I can be a grown up in the front, but play like a kid with more vibrant and upbeat colors in the back.

Ta da! Here it is:

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it this year, until I found this gorgeous peacock feathered tree at Val’s. For those of you unfamiliar, Val’s is a giant decorating warehouse in Tampa. They have beautiful floral pieces at really great prices. I picked up this tree for $20.

Once I had the tree, the rest was easy. I had some leftover burlap from my fall wreaths. The red organza came on a spool… 5″ x 5 yards for $5. The perfect size and price. The mirrored bowl came from the warehouse sale at Robyn Story this fall. It’s already been in several places in my home. The mirrors make it so versatile. The glittery balls are ornaments that I also picked up at Val’s. The tall glitter candles are battery operated and I bring them out and re-use them every year. They don’t even melt in my attic and the batteries have lasted several years now. The glass container they’re perched in is part of a covered cloche that I had on my kitchen counter, but the cover broke. It’s now perfect to hold candles and other objects that don’t need protecting.

Here’s another view… I hope you enjoy!

The Lettered Cottage
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2 Responses to Christmas Quikie #3: The Kitchen Table

  1. Kim Campbell says:

    You are so creative Cynthia! This is a beautiful display. Now you’ve motivated me to get decorating! Happy Holiday’s!

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