Christmas Quickie #4: Small Trees

Back in August, I read a blog post from The Creativity Exchange that I thought was pure genius! It’s a tutorial on how to make beautiful Christmas tree decorations using recycled candle sticks, poster board and fabric. I began my quest for cheap candle sticks and had fun making a few of these myself. Here’s my results:

Burlap trees for my living room:

These candle sticks came from Goodwill and cost about $9 for all 3. The burlap scrap was from my fall wreaths and the sparkly fringe was from my leftover stash of Christmas wrapping supplies from last year. Total time to make all 3 was about half an hour.

My next trio was for my kitchen and took a little more time.

Mind you, not all 3 took a lot of time. The white tree on the left was made using a feathery trim I picked up at Joanns. I just laid down my clear hot glue and wound the trim around. It took about 5 minutes! The other 2 trees were a bit more challenging.

The white tree on the right is made from silver and white pipe cleaners. I just wound them in circles and hot glued them to the cardboard cone. At first, I thought it looked like a wedding dress! I got this idea from a tree I saw at Tuesday Morning. It was red and green and also made from pipe cleaners. It cost $20. This one cost about $2.

The last tree was the most time consuming. But I think, it’s the most fun. Many of you know how much I love my sparkles! And of course, I still have a lot of rhinestones from when we blinged out my daughter’s crutches last spring. It’s a very easy technique… I first painted the white poster board cone with a silvery, metallic paint. I then painted on Elmers glue in small, workable areas. From there, I just placed the rhinestones. I started with the smallest on top and worked my way down the cone with larger pieces of bling.

The candle sticks were also a Goodwill find. I think I paid about $2 each.

Next up… my family room trees…

These are a little more contemporary, to match the room they’re in. I found some fabric in the colors of the room. I wanted to honor the fact that we live in Florida and I was lucky to find some fabric that had my colors and looked very tropical. After covering the cones with the fabric, I added the sparkly trim with hot glue.

The candlesticks are from Goodwill. They were originally black, but I took the time to paint them with Annie Sloan Chalk paint. The color is Versailles. I thought the distressed look would go well with the furniture.

Here’s a wider shot… so you can also see my handsome son in his senior portrait. (I’ve dedicated this corner of my family room to him this year in honor of his high school graduation.) I’m sure he’ll be so happy to know I’ve posted this online. Most likely, he’ll never even know… so SHHH!

That’s it for my little trees. If you’ve got the time, this is a really fun project.

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